Parcours d'Andrée Bars

Andrée Bars
“My master introduced me to working with light on form: classical, academic teaching. I'm a link in a very ancient chain of knowledge. My form of expression is based on reality, but I also insert elements of imagination. Through the precision of my painting, I paradoxically try to create an emotion, a personal universe, which I hope will be universal.”

Studies from 1993 to 96 at the School of Ted Seth Jacobs, American hyperrealist painter.

Exhibitions at the Carrousel du Louvre, Salon des Independents (Paris), Salon Art Capital in Paris, Salon Chiméria, Salon in Arlon (Belgium), Saint Léonard de Noblat, Lamballes, Le Mont Dore (Safadore), in Geneva (Switzerland), in Assisi (Italy), Luxembourg and Germany.

Galleries :

  • Vexin Gallery
  • Terre des Arts Gallery (Paris, Cannes, St Tropez)
  • Gallery La Chrysomèle

Executes any order, portrait or still life.

2000 Alès Festival Prize
2005 Prize of the city of Verrières Buisson (91)
2010 Gold medal from the town of Bourg La Reine (92)
2014 Bronze medal, then silver in 2016, awarded by French Artists at the Art Capital Salon at the Grand Palais in Paris
2016 Prize of the “Safadore” Salon, the Heirs of Dali, at Mont Dore (63)
          Price of the Vittel Salon
2022 Painting Prize at the Luxeuil les Bains Festival (70)